This guide is to help you get started with contributing to the MathLib.NET project.

Getting up and running

MathLib.NET is quite an easy project to get involved with because it is a simple Visual Studio solution that (should!) open and build straight out of source control. Also being a big collection of math functions, there are lots of independent areas of activity that you can pick up and take ownership of.

We highly reccommend signing up for notifications from the discussion list - this is where all our project discussion takes place.

To build the sources you will require Visual Studio 2010 and the best way to get started is by checking out the source and building the solution.

We use NUnit for running our unit tests and so it is worth getting hold of the NUnit plug-in for VS (see

Where to start coding

There are several different areas that you can get involved with depending on your preferences and expertise:
  • Implementing new math functions (varying levels of complexity)
  • Optimisation
  • Implementing test cases
  • Implementing wrapper functions (search for "wrapper" in the issue tracker)

Take a look in the issue tracker and you will see a large number of tickets ready to be consumed!


The project conventions are still being established and as we discover more things they will be added here

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the above then please post a discussion.

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